SCCA - Reno Region announces SCCA Reno Region Track Event/Time Trial #4 Saturday, October 12, 2019 attendees at Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA 95988 (7653) > Attendees |

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SCCA Reno Region Track Event/Time Trial #4

SCCA - Reno Region

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA

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Track Event  23 entries
Track Event   23 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
11 Placeholder Avatar McSwiggin, Rich Track Event - Advanced 1998BMW M3 Reno, NV
44 Placeholder Avatar Pitts, Ted Track Event - Advanced 2016Porsche Cayman GT4 Reno, NV
72 Placeholder Avatar Brook, Dusty Track Event - Intermediate 2002Porsche Boxster S3; me, myself and I Olympic Valley, CA
55 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Forrest Track Event - Intermediate 2019Chevrolet Corvette Sparks, NV
03 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Jeremiah Track Event - Intermediate 2017Chevrolet Corvette Sparks, NV
701 Avatar Image Enloe, Jordan Track Event - Intermediate 2011Ford Mustang Redding, CA
53 Placeholder Avatar Mackowiak, Tom Track Event - Intermediate 2013Fiat 500 abarth Reno, NV
69 Placeholder Avatar Odell, Ted Track Event - Intermediate 1969MG B-GT Meadow Vista, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Sheri Track Event - Intermediate Mazda MiataKovac Design, Ltd Reno, NV
222 Avatar Image Sorenson, Cam Track Event - Intermediate 2012Ford Boss 302 Reno, NV
47 Placeholder Avatar Ta, Anthony Track Event - Intermediate 2016Chevrolet Impala LT V6 Reno, NV
19 Placeholder Avatar mackowiak, tom Track Event - Intermediate 2013Fiat 500 abarth Reno, NV
254 Placeholder Avatar Bakan, Eric Track Event - Novice 2017Mazda MX5 RF Mountain View, CA
145 Avatar Image Booth, Alan Track Event - Novice 2016Porsche Boxster GTS Folsom, CA
15 Placeholder Avatar Chaves, Vincent Juffar Track Event - Novice 2016Subaru WRX Reno, NV
749 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Jess Track Event - Novice 2016Scion FR-S Reno, NV
8 Placeholder Avatar Greene, Jacob Track Event - Novice Volvo Sparks, NV
22 Placeholder Avatar Kemper, Kevin Track Event - Novice 1968MG MGB-GTSierra Classic Sportscar Meadow Vista, CA
007 Placeholder Avatar LeRoy, Chris Track Event - Novice 2018Ford Mustang Reno, NV
TBD Avatar Image Levine, Aaron Track Event - Novice 1995BMW Reno, NV
11 Placeholder Avatar Metts, Mike Track Event - Novice 1986Toyota MR2 Meadow Vista, CA
19 Avatar Image Squillante, Antonio Track Event - Novice 1991Mazda Miata Spec Encino , CA
39 Placeholder Avatar Weiss, Kevin Track Event - Novice 2005Subaru Wrx STi WagonLIC Motorsports, BCT, My empty Wallet! Incline Village, NV

Class Totals: Track Event - Novice: 11, Track Event - Intermediate: 10, Track Event - Advanced: 2

Time Attack  27 entries
Time Attack   27 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
248 Avatar Image Stedronsky, Erwin Max Category 1 2001Porsche 996 Turbo C4 Reno, NV
51 Placeholder Avatar Renner, Ahren Prepped Category 3 1984Toyota CorollaStimulus Check Reno, NV
23 Avatar Image Auerbach, Adam Prototype 2 2016TracKing Reno, NV
66 Placeholder Avatar Christensen, Robert Prototype 2 2013PHANTOM D S RCHRISTENSEN COLLISION CENTER Gardnerville, NV
79 Avatar Image Thiessen, Greg Prototype 2 2017Elan SPARKS, NV
44 Placeholder Avatar Baker, Dexter Race B-Spec 2012Fiat AB$ D B Reno, NV
5 Avatar Image Fuller, Rob Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataZ Car Garage / Larry Oka Racing / Meghan Fuller San Jose, CA
97 Avatar Image Hoff, Gregory Spec Miata 1992Mazda MiataLarry Oka Racing / Oakland, CA
90 Placeholder Avatar Kamber, Roland Spec Miata Mazda MiataPrecision Identity/Larry Oka Campbell, CA
16 Avatar Image Lindell, Ross Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataLarry Oka Racing Oakland, CA
77 Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Tupper Sports Category 1 2001Ferrari 550 Maranello Gardnerville, NV
3 Placeholder Avatar Berish, James Sports Category 2 2017Ford Mustang Sparks, NV
9 Placeholder Avatar Vuppalapati, Dwarak Sports Category 2 Mazda miata Reno, NV
28 Placeholder Avatar Dack, Chris Sports Category 3 1994BMW 325 IS Minden, NV
17 Placeholder Avatar Dickson, Dick Sports Category 3 2013Mini Cooper JCW GPA&L Tire Co. Ridgecrest, CA
42 Placeholder Avatar Kono, Ian Sports Category 3 2006Lexus IS350 Reno, NV
269 Placeholder Avatar Yorba, Anthony Sports Category 5 2002Honda Civic Si Quincy, CA
23 Avatar Image Guilfoyle Sr, Peter Touring 2 2020Toyota GR Supra Launch Zephyr Cove, NV
69 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Kyle Tuner Category 2 2015Chevrolet Camaro Sparks, NV
13 Placeholder Avatar Broili, Eric Tuner Category 3 2010Mini Cooper S Reno, NV
11 Placeholder Avatar McSwiggin, Rich Tuner Category 3 1998BMW M3 Reno, NV
73 Avatar Image Shanks, Don Tuner Category 3 Ford Mustang Elverta, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Granieri, Tom Tuner Category 4 Porsche 914 Scottdale, AZ
6 Avatar Image Smith, Don Tuner Category 5 1997Mazda MiataTotal Crew Services, Inc Reno, NV
222 Avatar Image Davis, Cory Unlimited Category 1 2012Ford Mustang Boss 302Geared Performance Sparks, NV
52 Avatar Image Thibodaux, Sean Unlimited Category 1 1998Ford MustangBlack Helmet Racing Fallon, NV
75 Placeholder Avatar Foster, Michael VP2 Vintage Production 1901cc - 3200cc 1975BMW 2002 Reno, NV

Class Totals: Race B-Spec: 1, Prototype 2: 3, Spec Miata: 4, Touring 2: 1, VP2 Vintage Production 1901cc - 3200cc: 1, Sports Category 1: 1, Sports Category 2: 2, Sports Category 3: 3, Sports Category 5: 1, Tuner Category 2: 1, Tuner Category 3: 3, Tuner Category 4: 1, Tuner Category 5: 1, Prepped Category 3: 1, Max Category 1: 1, Unlimited Category 1: 2

Instructor   11 entries
Driving Instructor   11 entries
Name Class Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Christensen, Robert Instructor Gardnerville, NV
Placeholder Avatar Diamond, Eric Instructor Willows, CA
Placeholder Avatar Dickson, Dick Instructor Ridgecrest, CA
Placeholder Avatar Foster, Michael Instructor Reno, NV
Placeholder Avatar Hatchet, Brent Instructor willows , CA
Placeholder Avatar Kemper, Kevin Instructor Meadow Vista, CA
Placeholder Avatar McCord, Sam Instructor Reno, NV
Placeholder Avatar Punya, Jeff Instructor Reno, NV
Placeholder Avatar Reynolds, Jay Instructor Sparks, NV
Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Tupper Instructor Gardnerville, NV
Avatar Image Stedronsky, Erwin Instructor Reno, NV

Class Totals: Instructor: 11

Official   10 entries
Event Official   10 entries
Name Class Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Diamond, Eric Course Marshall Willows, CA
Avatar Image Waclo, Steve Course Marshall Carson City, NV
Placeholder Avatar Housel, Pat Emergency Services sparks, NV
Avatar Image Helfrich sr, Donovan Flagging & Communication Cottonwood, CA
Placeholder Avatar Jones-Housel, Jarael Registration Sparks, NV
Placeholder Avatar Jansen, David Starter Sparks, NV
Avatar Image Davis, Cory Technical Inspectors Sparks, NV
Avatar Image Knauf, Scott Time Trials Comp Director Reno, NV
Placeholder Avatar Ross, Andy Time Trials Event Lead Sparks, NV
Avatar Image Smith, Don Time Trials Safety Steward Reno, NV

Class Totals: Course Marshall: 2, Flagging & Communication: 1, Emergency Services: 1, Registration: 1, Starter: 1, Technical Inspectors: 1, Time Trials Safety Steward: 1, Time Trials Comp Director: 1, Time Trials Event Lead: 1

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